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Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India The RMLNLU Law Review Blog is an online publication by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University, Lucknow. The blog claims to facilitate the publication of different perspectives on a range of topics on topics of current legal importance and interest in the form of short, well-founded opinions. The blog was launched in July 2015 and is entirely edited and managed by a small team of student editors from the university. 1.4Kâ 224 a 1 post/week Receive an email Contact India Covers Indian legal news, law firm news, law school news, legal developments. Live Law is a comprehensive legal information portal that will redefine the standards of legal journalism in India. Our goal is to bring more transparency and accountability to legal relationships. We are committed to providing our readers with accurate and unbiased news, views, opinions and reporting. 284.4Kâ 565.3K â 7 Posts/ Week Receive Email Contact West Bengal, India Law Corner is an online platform.

Law Corner provides breaking news, legal news updates, legal articles, general articles and other legal information. 14.4Kâ 195â 514 â 1 Post/Week Receive Email Contact SpicyIP is one of India`s leading intellectual property (IP) blogs/repositories for innovation law/policy. Through its independent reports/analyses, SpicyIP is committed to promoting transparency within the Indian IP ecosystem. The SpicyIP team was founded in 2005 by Prof. Shamnad Basheer, an academic and IP consultant, was founded and consists of a group of passionate analysts and fellows who are knowledgeable about various aspects of Indian IP law and policy. The American Bar Association`s flagship magazine, the famous ABA Journal, provides a comprehensive overview of current events in the American legal landscape. When you`re done with the latest news, be sure to check out the “Members Who Inspire” column for a feel-good boost. Legal knowledge management is essential to help legal teams stay productive and create business value in a rapidly changing business world. Sterling Miller, CEO and Lead Counsel of Hilgers Graben PLLC, has served as General Counsel three times during his decades-long legal career, bringing valuable in-house experience to the table (online). Miller breaks down complex topics into 10 digestible and actionable points per article, and we love that simple structure and narrative writing style. Second, Danishsheikh`s guide to Nalsar is probably the best and most objective article anyone in India has ever written about their own law school.

If more law students were willing to speak openly and impartially about their law school, the rivalry and debate between schools would certainly become much healthier than the current big “Law School Bitchfest.” India Fastlegal is an online provider of legal services such as intellectual property registration and filing, company registration, tax returns, regulatory compliance and annual filings, contract drafting, etc. 491 to 207 1 Post/Month Get a contact via email This blog does a great job of diving deep into the latest advances in legal technology, from machine learning and AI verification to automating processes and workflows. We also recommend that you read the Legal Technology Training Guide, which offers an extensive list of courses to help you take your legal technology knowledge to the next level. To save you the hassle of browsing the web to find your new favorite legal blog, we`ve compiled this list of the top 38 legal blogs covering everything from legal technology to legal ethics. Have fun reading! India The International Law and Global South Blog is a conscious effort to intervene in the blogosphere of international law by reflecting and taking into account the sensitivities of the “Global South” in its broad conception. It aims to show that the distinction between international law and political law is a bit chimerical. A barely legal blog about international law, politics and philosophy. International law.

1 Post / Week at Oct 2019 Receive an email Contact Legal Reader is a legal news blog with an uncompromising philosophy. They focus on protecting consumers from corporate abuse, making them a great resource for legal information junkies and corporate law specialists. From personal injury cases to high-profile class action lawsuits, this blog from American Lawyer Media offers expert opinions on some of the largest litigation and litigation in the United States. We strongly recommend that you read the “Litigator of the Week” column for practical tips and tricks from some of the best litigators in the country. Legal magazines offer a wide range of authors and offer the kind of editorial diversity you might associate with a traditional magazine as opposed to the narrower focus of blogging. You`ll also find a wider range of content types, from short articles to in-depth features. LawSites founder Robert Ambrogi is known for his previous roles as editor of the National Law Journal and LexBlog. He shares his knowledge as an expert in legal technology and interviews legal technology leaders about new products and trends.

We also recommend activating LawNext, Ambrogi`s companion podcast featuring legal innovators and entrepreneurs. However, every blog post published on Legally India so far is potentially tailored to the following categories (subject to other contest terms). This will happen in a self-nomination process, so start thinking about no more than four of your best posts in each category. India Make valuable contributions to current legal issues and developments in the pervasive field of law for the masses. The Amikus Qriae aims to disseminate legal knowledge and provide an ingenious understanding and knowledge of the different areas of law to ensure that legal knowledge and experience penetrates into every corner of the ever-growing legal fraternity. 82 to 2 Posts/Day Receive Email Contact Best Legal Blogger Category Demonstrating Overall Blogging Excellence iPleaders advocates that business people, including tech entrepreneurs, can effectively handle the majority of legal issues themselves if they are equipped with basic knowledge and resources. An important goal of iPleaders has been the exploration and development of resources through blogs, educational resources, workshops and interactive software that entrepreneurs themselves can use as a decision-making aid. These litigation blogs will help you stay on your A-game with the latest news on legal actions and expert advice in court. Under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, a person injured in a car accident or the legal representatives of a person killed in a car accident can claim damages. It is a law enacted to prevent road accidents, compensate victims and punish the perpetrators in the event of an accident. That. This robust online legal magazine offers a lot of legal news and industry information.

Your online content is categorized by practice area and region, and is constantly updated throughout the day to keep you up to date with the latest changes. India LawBhoomi is a portal that provides updates on legal opportunities, legal notes, legal career advice and interviews with leading legal entities. 699 to 5 Posts/Day Receive Email Contact India Offers a wide range of knowledge on recent developments in various areas of law and makes it available to readers in a clear way. The main objective is to keep the legal community informed of the latest developments in the field of law and to give it constructive advice on current issues of company law. 3 Posts/Month Get Email Contact Us Here are the following top 40 Indian legal blogs and websites: Legally India reports relevant news and information for Indian law firms, Indian legal profession and lawyers, law students and international law firms and lawyers operating in India. They were the first publication to cover the Indian legal market on a regular, impartial and timely basis, and it remains the market leader in this field. India E-Justice India is one of the most trusted and popular legal websites in India. E-Justice India is dedicated to law students, lawyers and lawyers. The aim of E-Justice India is to provide education in the Indian legal sector. Through this portal, we are moving towards the right to education. E-Justice India offers legal news, legal articles on the latest topics, summaries of major cases, law notes, free and advanced certificate courses, free legal advice, lawyer success stories, interviews with lawyers and judges and information about upcoming legal events. 2.7Kâ 55 â 8 Posts/Month Email Contact Received Over the years, law and advocacy have undergone a metamorphosis, not only in India but around the world.

Both matured as a natural response to the fact that the world has become a global village. Today, there are also new challenges and new forms of competition. Dan Ernst, a law professor at Georgetown, and Karen Tani, a law professor at Penn, run this interesting blog on the history of law, from the history of legal education to the history of the legal system.

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