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Emily holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Psychology from Northwestern University and is currently a Young Women candidate at the University of Connecticut School of Law. Prior to joining XpertHR, she was a Senior Content Specialist at Simplify Compliance. In this role, she has covered a wide range of occupational health and safety topics, served as editor-in-chief of the OSHA Compliance Advisor newsletter, and frequently hosted webinars on important occupational safety topics. Robert Teachout has over 30 years of experience in legal publishing of labor laws at the federal and state levels. At XpertHR, he is responsible for industrial relations, performance appraisals and promotions, succession and workforce planning, staff development and employment contracts. He often writes about the intersection of compliance with HR strategy and practice. The legal writer should have in-depth knowledge of employment law and HR best practices and the ability to translate this knowledge into clear and practical advice for XpertHR subscribers, potential subscribers and internal audiences. This publisher is responsible for ensuring the accuracy, readability, usefulness and timeliness of all assigned content and tools and serves as responsible for the tool as assigned. The legal writer works with members of the U.S. editorial board, external writers, and production, marketing, product, and sales teams. David holds a Juris Doctor from Syracuse University School of Law.

Prior to joining XpertHR, David served as a U.S. Supreme Court correspondent and editor for a national legal intelligence agency, while co-hosting the company`s news programs and editing its labor law product. When it comes to recruiting, hiring, and workforce planning, it is important for employers to understand how social, cultural and technological changes, as well as legal developments, create challenges and barriers for employers. Today`s employers need to link HR strategy to employer strategy, goals and priorities, ensuring that talent acquisition, performance management, training, compensation and relevance are aligned. Helen attended Fordham University and holds a bachelor`s degree in economics. Previously, she worked at the global law firm Ropes & Gray as an information governance analyst. Among other things, she was responsible for training new legal support staff on legal technology solutions, monitoring information systems, and identifying areas for improvement in information management. Prior to that, Helen worked at a marketing company as a business sales trainer. Rena holds a J.D. from Hofstra University School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and French Literature from Fordham University College, Lincoln Center. Prior to joining XpertHR, she was Editor-in-Chief of the American Payroll Association and developed and co-authored several of its core publications.

Previously, she was editor-in-chief of Warren Gorham Lamont/Thomson Professional Publishing`s UCC Law Journal and Banking Law Journal, and legal editor for Thomson Reuters` Payroll Guide, Prentice Hall`s Federal, State and Local Income Tax Guides, and CCH/Wolters Kluwer Federal Securities Law Reports. Rena Pirsos has over 30 years of experience in legal publishing. At XpertHR, she covers payroll-related topics including income and payroll withholding, filing and reporting; taxation of employee compensation and benefits; payment of wages; child support and seizure orders; and international payroll issues. Helen joined XpertHR in 2021 as a Legal Analyst. In this role, she liaises between the content team and other departments such as marketing, UI/UX, technology, and data science to develop new products and services to meet employers` evolving strategic HR and compliance needs. David Weisenfeld has over 25 years of experience in writing, broadcasting, and reporting on legal and employment law. He currently works on issues such as diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as dismissals and investigations. David launched and hosted XpertHR`s award-winning podcast series, for which he won a national award from the American Society of Professional Business Editors, leads our news team, and also leads our commentary and insights on a range of current employment law issues. Emily Scace has 12 years of publishing experience, including more than nine years in legal publishing.

As a member of XpertHR`s editorial team, she covers issues such as discrimination and harassment in the workplace, pay equity, recruitment and hiring, and employee compensation. Prior to joining XpertHR, Amanda led BLR`s content team, overseeing human resources and environmental, health and safety editorial operations for the company`s workflow services, live events, print publications, and media and training offerings. Amanda holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Arts in Food Studies from New York University, and a Juris Doctor from the University of Connecticut. She was a member of the program committee of the annual conference of the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA). Melissa Gonzalez Boyce is a former employment lawyer with over 15 years of experience advising employers and human resources professionals. She currently leads a team of legal writers within XpertHR`s editorial office. Previously, Melissa was a legal writer at XpertHR, covering occupational health and safety issues including OSHA, COVID-19, workplace violence, marijuana, and data breaches.

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