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Conclude, settle successfully, as in Once we have concluded this deal, we can go on vacation. [First half of the 1900s] Summarize, recapitulate, as in Finally, the professor reviewed the three main categories. [First half of the 1900s] Kickstarter is a startup platform that seems to have recognized the danger. Most of the men jumped, grabbed spears or knives and rushed outside. A few weeks later, the creditor was in Boston and met his enterprising friend as he walked up Tremont Street. Expresiones cortas frecuentes: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200 Translate anywhere, anytime with the free PROMT mobile translator for iOS and Android. Try language and photo translation. Install language packs for offline translation on mobile devices and download PROMT AGENT, a plugin for contextual translations in any Windows application, with a PREMIUM subscription. “I think for trans men who go out every time they meet, they have a different coming out,” Sandler said. PROMT.

One (Online-Translator.com) is a free online translator and dictionary in 20+ languages. Enjoy accurate and natural translations based on PROMT`s neural machine translation (NMT) technology, which is already used by many large companies and institutions, corporations and institutions worldwide. We won`t know this season, although it happens occasionally. In less than ten minutes, the bivouac was dissolved and our small army was on the march. Your text has been partially translated. You can translate a maximum of 999 characters at a time. Log in or register for free on PROMT. Translate one and more! Look for examples of words and phrases in different contexts. We`ve collected millions of translation examples in different languages to help you learn languages and do your homework.

What should you look right or left when swallowing mile after mile of vertiginous road? Search the online dictionary for translations of words and phrases and listen to how words are pronounced by native speakers. PROMT dictionaries for English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese contain millions of words and phrases, as well as contemporary colloquial vocabulary monitored and updated by our linguists. In this photo, Merabet has a big smile that spreads all over his face and makes his eyes shine. Conjugates English verbs, German verbs, Spanish verbs, French verbs, Portuguese verbs, Italian verbs, Russian verbs in all forms and tenses and declines nouns and adjectives conjugation and declension. Traduce texto con un solo clicen cualquier programa de tu ordenador However, you currently cannot translate more than 999 characters at a time. Score: 2812. Exactly: 2812. Tiempo de respuesta: 124 ms. The latest issue contains detailed instructions on how to build car bombs, and the magazine regularly compiles lists of results.

The chosen bride rushes to him, and they both head to the headlights.

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