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Iowa law does not specifically mention dashcams. As long as the driver can see clearly, dashcams are legal. The law states: “No person shall operate a motor vehicle equipped with a windshield, side fenders or side or rear windows that do not permit an unobstructed view.” Delaware law states: “No person shall drive a vehicle on a highway with a sign, sign, or other material clear on the windshield, side fenders, or side or rear windows of such motor vehicle.” Therefore, it is probably better if the dashcams are mounted on the dashboard. In Louisiana, it is legal to use dashcams. But it`s illegal to drive a vehicle if something obstructs the driver`s “clear view” through the windshield. Therefore, you should not mount your dashcams on the windshields of your drivers. Mounting on your drivers` dashboards or behind mirrors is a good bet. South Carolina only allows drivers to mount video cameras on the dashboard, not on the windows. The driver must be able to see through each window without exercising. A dashboard camera or dashcam can be a useful tool for attaching it to your car, and more and more drivers are choosing to use it. A dashcam is not the same as the video screen, which can monitor what`s behind your car when you back up.

It records what`s happening in traffic in front and behind you. If you have an accident, a dashboard camera has recorded what happened, so police and insurance companies don`t have to rely on testimonials or damage to the vehicle. The dashboard cameras also recorded episodes of police violence in which the person attacked by police was in the car. Electronic devices attached to the windshield are prohibited. The installation of the dashboard is legal. Although dashcams are legal in Kansas, there is a rule for their placement. There are certain guidelines that users should follow before submitting recordings. If dashcams record what happens on private property, it probably won`t be allowed because privacy has probably been invaded.

Interior photos may only be taken with passengers who have previously consented to this. These small cameras offer so many advantages that definitely outweigh their cost. A dashcam sees everything. You have evidence when a person claims that you crushed a light and hit it, but they actually ran the light and hit you. California law states that dashboard cameras, which are video recorders, don`t have to comply with state laws when it comes to something that blocks the windshield. The dashboard cameras “can be mounted in a 7-inch square in the lower corner of the windshield furthest from the driver, in a 5-inch square in the lower corner of the windshield closest to the driver. Although windshield mounting is allowed, there are specific restrictions. Dashboard cameras must be installed behind mirrors, but they must remain outside the area cleaned by windshield wipers. It may be safer to install it in a remote location on the dashboard. It is illegal to drive a vehicle that does not have a “clear view” through the windshield, side fenders, or side or rear windows. While it`s not very specific, it`s safer not to mount your dashcams on windshields in a place where they block the view. We recommend placing them on dashboards or behind mirrors.

Windshields in this condition should be kept away from stickers and signs to dashboard cameras. So avoid mounting yours on your team`s windshields and mount them on dashboards instead. It is perfectly legal to use dashcams if they do not block the driver`s view. Windshields and dashboards are acceptable for placement. It is illegal for an opaque object to roll on the windshield. Connect all devices to the dashboard. Of course, it`s possible for your drivers to comply with different laws when driving in different states – for example, by moving their dashboard cameras or turning audio recordings on and off. Mississippians should not obstruct their visibility while driving. Similarly, there is no law against using a dashcam as long as the camera is mounted on the dashboard. Tar Heel State has no laws specific to dashcams.

Before installing, find a location that doesn`t interfere with your view. Windshields are not legal staging areas unless the vehicle is a semi-trailer, bus or truck carrying more than 10,000 pounds or hazardous materials. Passenger cars should use dashboards to assemble equipment. It is legal to drive with dashcams in Connecticut. The only law here is regarding the placement of dashcams. Dash cams in Connecticut cannot be placed in a position where they obstruct the windshield. You can place them on the dashboard or behind the rearview mirror. Have you been involved in a car accident? Do you have any dashboard camera images that you think could help you? The best way to be sure is to consult a competent lawyer.

Our team at Murphy Law Firm can evaluate your video to ensure it supports your case. Louisiana law does not specifically mention dashboard cameras, but it does state that “no person may drive a motor vehicle with any object or material that obstructs or reduces the driver`s unobstructed view through the windshield.” Therefore, dashcams are allowed in Louisiana as long as they are attached to the dashboard and not the windshield. Since there is no law requiring the use of dashboard cameras, drivers can install these devices wherever they want. Caution is advised to maintain a clear view. In Wisconsin, dashboard cameras are legal; However, the driver cannot install a dashboard camera on the windshield unless it is mounted behind the rear-view mirror. The camera also cannot be mounted in the area cleaned by the normal panning of the car`s windshield wipers. Wisconsin also doesn`t allow anything placed between the driver and the windshield, making it difficult to install a dashcam. Dash cams are technically a form of surveillance, so depending on where you live, you can break electronic surveillance laws. There may be data protection laws in your area.

Finally, you need to be clear about whether or not your business is operating in a state of consent from all parties. If this is the case, you must obtain the consent of everyone in each vehicle before activating your dashcams for audio recording. It`s probably easier to just turn off your audio recording feature! That said, instead of sticking your dashcams to the front and center of your windshields, we recommend keeping security in mind. Install them in places where they don`t obstruct your driver`s view, such as on the dashboard or behind the rearview mirror. Dash cams are recording devices typically mounted near vehicle dashboards. These devices can collect images of what`s happening outside the car, in the car, or both. Dashcams are often referred to as silent witnesses. These cameras capture an unbiased look at incidents that could be significant. Windshield dashboard cameras are not allowed. Install the device on the dashboard so that it does not obstruct the driver`s view.

In Maine, dashcams can be mounted on windshields and dashboards as long as they don`t obstruct the driver`s view. This exception is important because it allows trucks to use dashcams without breaking the law. While no one in this lawless country will tell you not to hit your cameras in the middle of your windshields, we still recommend installing them in places where they see your drivers as little as possible. Try to mount them on dashboards or behind mirrors to drive safely without hindrance. State laws in this area fall into three categories: States that have specific or vague prohibitions on obstructing windshields, States that specify which parts of a windshield can be obstructed, and states where no mention of windshield obstacles could be found.

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