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The sale of alcohol will initially be limited to international passengers transiting through certain airports and destinations under strict conditions. According to the plan, alcohol is initially expected to be purchased only by passengers in international transit, meaning anyone leaving or entering Saudi Arabia will not be allowed to buy alcohol. Currently, Saudi Arabia has a total ban on alcohol (including flights on board), unlike neighboring Gulf states, which largely restrict alcohol in certain places. Saudi Arabia is reportedly considering selling duty-free alcohol at the airport, which would be a first step in introducing alcohol into the country. I`m not sure I really see the point, but at least it`s something, I guess. In May 2022, Saudi Deputy Minister of Tourism Princess Haifa Bint Mohammad told the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that Saudi Arabia had no intention of lifting the ban on serving alcohol and continued to attract tourists and excel globally despite the restrictions in place. While the news continues to circulate, no concrete confirmation has yet been made regarding the legalization of alcohol. In May 2022, Princess Haifa bint Mohammed al-Saud took the stage at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to announce that the kingdom is doing well and attracting enough guests without having to lift its alcohol ban. “We have outdone ourselves worldwide in tourism with what we have to offer today.

The short answer is that we will continue with our current laws,” the royal said at the time. No, they won`t. Fortunately, that will never happen. Saudi Arabia is still the sole and great leadership of billions of Muslims around the world. And alcohol is forbidden by Islamic law. Rather than other religions. At a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum in May, Saudi Princess Haifa bint Mohammed al-Saud was asked about the sale of alcohol, saying: “The short answer is that we will enforce our current laws.” She insisted that the alcohol ban had not affected tourism. Asked in a recent interview about the relaxation of alcohol rules, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman declined to comment.

They insisted that although there is a slightly different legal framework for Neom as a special economic zone, the city will still be subject to the kingdom`s rules and regulations. I know what I meant was that if alcohol were to be sold, the airport wouldn`t be the place to start compared to hotels, onboard residential areas, and expats. Neom and its inclusion of places serving alcohol are symptomatic of Saudi Arabia`s desire to open up to the world and become an international center. The kingdom first opened up to tourists in 2019, with wealthy individuals. Earlier this month, a new visa regime was announced to facilitate the arrival of travellers from the UK, US and EU. The goal is to attract 100 million visitors by 2030 in order to diversify the current oil-centric economy. The country, with its 93% Islamic population, has a hard line on alcohol consumption. Anyone caught drinking can be punished with fines, imprisonment, public flogging or expulsion. The penalty for selling alcohol to Saudis is usually even more severe. A 2015 BBC report found that some expats were resorting to brewing their own alcohol into compounds to circumvent the laws. Do people buy alcohol at airports these days? In many countries, it is cheaper to buy them online, even if taxes are included.

In 10 years, you will laugh about it Post bc SA will be very different I do not know how the Saudi government will maintain national security when the influx of tourists collides with Quranic teachings. Osama bin Laden found al-Qaeda and launched terrorist attacks at home and abroad because the Saudi regime sheltered the U.S. military in 1991 to restore the Kuwaiti monarchy. Shia Muslims attacked Saudis during the Hajj pilgrimage decades ago. South Africa is the custodian of Islam`s two holy mosques and exports extreme Wahhabism to neighboring Muslim countries. That will be the case. Although the word “alcohol” is not mentioned in the planning document, sources close to the Neom project confirmed to the Journal that Sindalah will offer alcoholic beverages. Earlier this month, Andrew McEvoy, head of tourism at Neom, told The National that “alcohol is certainly not off the table for the city.” Planners studied the value of alcohol in attracting foreigners to Neom, according to the report.

Consumer surveys from 2018 revealed that among expats from various countries, more than 95% cited alcohol as an important aspect of their quality of life when considering moving to the city. Another review focused on international hotel groups, with an anonymous comment saying that “a liquor license is essential to the success of the hotel.” “We did very well and we applied for the competition. We have actually done above average in tourism with what we have to offer today,” Princess Haifa added. Neom Resort, which will be located on a Red Sea island called Sindalah, will pamper guests with an upscale wine bar with a theatrical wall display, as well as a bar dedicated to cocktails and a third bar with champagne and desserts. The information comes from teams currently working on Neom`s development, as well as reports shared by the Wall Street Journal. Another piece of evidence is photos of Sindalah showing a bartender preparing cocktails with premium liquor bottles in the background. Neom, the Saudi metropolis for the future, will have wine bars, according to planning documents, despite the country`s strict drinking laws. If Saudi Arabia really wants to develop its tourism industry, sooner or later, alcohol must be allowed. We are now seeing the first (very small) signs. I`m Saudi, and I`d love for this about changing our culture to stop, we enjoy it and are happy not to be alcoholics.

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