The Legal Wife Episode 10 - Quant Dynamics
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Who do you think was the biggest character in this episode? We`re just waiting for you to mark this episode as watched before revealing any discussions, reviews, and special content. In case of spoilers! Drama starring Julianna Margulies as the wife of a politician who returns to the legal world to support her family after a scandal surrounding her husband turns her life upside down in PNG or JPG. Min. width: 500px. Maximum size: 2MB. The image must be about this episode. As the seventh and final season of the legal drama begins, Alicia continues her attempts to revive her bruised legal career, while Peter makes big changes as he seeks to get elected to a higher office. Nancy Botwin, a suburban mother and widow, begins selling weed to make ends meet. Is the grass on the other side really greener? With Mary-Louise Parker.

Hearing: As a grand jury gathers, Alicia and Eli try to figure out the charges Peter faces Convinced: Alicia confronts a judge when she learns that a former client of Bond`s court has been wrongfully imprisoned. Alicia and Lucca defend a respected surgeon accused of planning a serious crime. Ruth plans to remove Jason from Alicia`s life by asking Courtney to employ him in another state. From Walter Presents comes an intense and characterful Belgian courtroom drama about the jury in a sensational murder trial in Ghent Payback: Jason uses aggressive tactics when helping Alicia and Lucca in a student loan case It`s been more than 20 years since Bill Clinton was impeached. Sex, money, lies and betrayal feature in this documentary about the controversial president of the United States. Part of True Crime on Channel 4. Party: When Alicia throws a party for Howard and Jackie`s upcoming wedding, things go wrong. Bail Release: Alicia represents inmates seeking bail. Peter hires a national strategist. Alicia and Cary defend an ex-client facing a legal battle over ownership of his new music Iowa: Tensions are high when the Florricks are crammed into Peter`s campaign bus with Eli and Ruth Cooked: Alicia and Lucca take over a case involving the manufacture and sale of a synthetic drug KSR: Alicia and Lucca defend surgeon accused of plotting a serious crime Monday: Alicia struggles to adjust when she returns with Lucca to work at Lockhart, Agos & Lee In this four-part drama series, Norman Beaton and Saeed Jaffrey play two warring lawyers whose conflict spills out of the courtroom and into the council chambers. Dangers: Alicia, Cary and Louis face each other in one case with driverless cars. Discovery: Alicia and Lucca help Louis defend a website against a charge of racial profiling.

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