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No other equipment can be used to catch lobsters or help catch rock lobsters. Some equipment may be owned, but it cannot be used to catch lobsters (see table below). “No, the new size limit does not apply to commercial fishing to avoid unnecessary discards of large flatheads. Scientific research has shown that dark flatheads over 70 cm typically account for less than 1% of commercial catches in a given year. The particle size composition of the dark flathead for commercial fishing is also very limited and is controlled by gear selectivity. New legal length (slot limit): 36 cm to 70 cm. Daily bag limit: 5 fish. Possession limit: A possession limit of 10 fish remains in place so that anglers can have twice their possession limit. This allows the fish to be stored and frozen for future consumption. The release of large, dark flatheads has become socially important in recreational fishing in New South Wales and elsewhere in Australia.

This has certainly improved fishing opportunities, as released fish are recaptured by fishermen over time. “This is an exciting development in the recreational rock lobster fishery in New South Wales, with the combined pocket limit set to increase from two to three per person,” said Sloan. Finally, you must register and get stone lobster tokens before going fishing. Click here to learn more about lobster tagging. “A new maximum size limit and lower catch limit will encourage a more natural age structure (with more `older` fish), which should increase stock resilience over time,” Professor Bell said. Ongoing stock assessment models by DPI scientists show an increase in the frequency of Eastern Rock Lobster within the legal size range (104 millimetres to 180 mm) since the mid-1990s, when the stock was in a state of depletion. Click here to learn more about digital labelling of lobster. Ongoing stock assessment models by DPI scientists have shown an approximate tripling of rock lobster biomass within the legal size range (104 mm to 180 mm) since the mid-1990s, when the stock was depleted.

Through effective management controls and ongoing monitoring programs, the Eastern Rock Lobster population has returned to a healthy biomass stock. Lobster labelling is now done digitally. All anglers who want to catch lobsters MUST register in the GoFishVic app BEFORE they start fishing. Previous rules were a legal minimum length of 36 cm and a daily limit of 10 fish with a single fish over 70 cm. You must return females in berries or young and soft-shelled lobsters to the water immediately and without further damage. “The introduction of a legal upper limit of 70 cm will ensure better protection for large female fish important for reproduction. This in turn leads to an increase in spawning biomass in the flock and, as a result, an increase in egg production. Reducing the slot and catch limit would also encourage a more natural age structure (with more “older” fish), which could have important implications for stock resilience.

Place one end of the gauge firmly in the groove between the antennas and measure from this groove to the back edge of the shell. Hair is not part of the tank. Divers must measure lobsters at the earliest available opportunity before landing the lobster. Rock lobsters are subject to a closed season, which means they cannot be caught or possessed on, in or near Victorian waters during this time. The closing season for rock lobsters is as follows: tail piercing of stone lobsters remains mandatory. All lobsters caught by recreational fishers must have a hole at least 10 mm in diameter or a tail hallmarked. This must be done within 5 minutes of the lobster being placed on a vessel or, if taken offshore, within minutes of landing and within 50 m of the landing site. Lobster catches must be reported via the GoFishVic app within 7 days of landing. One.

The daily catch limit has been increased to 3 lobsters composed entirely of a single species or a combination of rock lobster (Sagmariasus verreauxi) or rock lobster (Jasus edwardsii) species (previously, the combined catch limit was 2 per person). All lobsters and crabs carrying eggs must be released immediately. Removing eggs is a criminal offence. “Rock lobster and dark flatbed whales are important species for all of our fishing sectors and consumers and are highly sought after,” said Mr. Sloan.

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