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Nota Legal Sefaz Ma

More information by phone: (98) 3219-9099 / 0800 280 6008, with auditors Roberval Mariano and José Oliveira Ataides or by e-mail For more information: 1. Open the page click the Registration tab. The registered user who makes the payment in a single quota until February 27 will receive a discount of 20% + the amount of credit available for legal credits. Retailers in Maranhão who receive electronic invoices from industries and wholesalers can view the notice both on the national website of nfe (National Electronic Invoice Portal) and on the SEFAZ/MA ( website under the link The Legal Notes Program Coordination informs filers that the 2021 IPVA Depreciation Credit redemption request can be completed up to the following 30 days, after which no tax reduction can be claimed with the Legal Note Credit. 2. Enter a valid CPF and email address and click “Next”. A consumer wishing to enrol in the program must: The credit can be used within two years to reduce the value of the launch of the IPVA or IPTU. Taxpayers who wish to pay the 2021 VAIP rate and use their legal advice credits to obtain tax relief must do so by May 30. Transfer of the percentage of 10% of the value of ICMS highlighted in the tax coupon buyers of goods, goods or services of interstate and intercommunal transport, as shown in the following examples: Then click on the tab “Buy back credits” > “Credits” >, “IPVA discount” > “Select registered vehicle” > specify the quantity to be slaughtered.

(up to 50% of the value of the IPVA) This is a program to promote tax citizenship in the state of Maranhão, introduced by Law 10.279/15, which aims to encourage consumers to request the tax document at the time of purchase. The houses have various expenses such as food, basic baskets, exams, medicines, transportation to and from each patient`s community, purchase of educational materials for children and other daily needs. To use the credit, the consumer must access the Legal Notice Program website and select the “Access System” option and provide the CPF and access password. The company registers the consumer`s CPF/CNPJ and issues the invoice or tax coupon, with the information submitted to the Ministry of Finance the following month. On the website of The Legal Note, the user has access to services such as: 5. At the end of this procedure, the consumer waits for registration through the coordination of the program. “This delay is recommended because the IPVA system takes at least 24 hours to recognize the user`s request and include the amount in the DARE for the payment of the fee,” said Note Legal program manager Luiz Neves. 6. The Legal Note system sends an e-mail confirming the approval of the registration and from that moment access to the system is released. If you click “Confirm”, the consumer will not be able to cancel the process. At the end of the purchase, the consumer must ask the cashier for the tax voucher without CPF or CNPJ and donate it to the Antonio Dino Foundation, which manages the Aldenora Bello Cancer Hospital.

3. Then the system sends a link to the informed email that the consumer needs to access and from this link, fill in the registration form. At the request of SRI – Secretariat for Institutional Relations by Oficio, the SUSPENSION OF THE REGISTRATION OF NEW INSTITUTIONS due to the legislature (Law No. 9.504/97) is requested from 16 August 2022. FIGURES FOR PREVIOUS YEARS` FLOWS Visit the SEFAZ MA website (link below), inform RENAVAM and under “Consult”. Print the note and pay in the accredited banking network before the expiry date. Applications for registration received and approved by SEDES before 15 August 2022 may be included in the legal notice system after the deadline. SRI will inform SEFAZ of a new date for the reopening of the registration process. The Legal Notice is a program to promote fiscal citizenship of Maranhão introduced by Law No. 10.279/2015. The rebate is only allowed for vehicles whose owner`s CPF is registered in the program; > it is not possible to register without a valid email account; The “legal notice” guarantees the consumer the reimbursement of 2% to 3% of the total tax on the movement of goods and services (ICMS) levied on the purchase of transport goods and services. Sefaz informs consumers enrolled in the Legal Note program, which has released the credit redemption module to mitigate IPVA 2022.

The redemption of credits can be limited to 50% of the value of the IPVA. THE TICKET CAN ONLY BE GENERATED AFTER 24 HOURS, CALCULATED FROM THE DATE OF THE DISCOUNT REQUEST. > If the consumer provides an invalid e-mail address, the registration is not effective; To consult the NFE, the taxpayer must indicate the number appearing in the DANFE – Electronic Invoice Companion Document delivered with the goods. The entire amount acquired with the registration of the tax vouchers will be allocated to the cost of expenses incurred in the Antonio Dino Foundation Support House, which houses patients from the interior of the country who are treated directly at the Aldenora Bello Cancer Hospital. 3 – Enter your CPF, email and click “Next”. With each purchase from a participating company, the consumer informs his CPF or CNPJ and asks for his tax note or coupon. 4. The registration form contains personal data such as: full name, address, mobile phone, etc. You must also save a system access password. The accumulated credits can be used by the user for: SEFAZ provides on its website important information about the commitment and use of NFe, such as the list of obligated companies, a brochure with questions and answers, procedures for adapting systems to the use of NFe, among others.

The reduction of the IPVA is only possible with the issuance of the payment ticket in the accredited network generated on the SEFAZ MA website. > email accounts that are considered suspicious or used multiple times will have their registrations declined. The program has 251,430 registered users and 291,497 participating companies. *The step by step you can see in the image below: Sefaz warns those who will pay with the advantage of the 10% reduction of the single quota until May 31 that the request for refund of the credits of the legal notice by 30. It is necessary to process the 24-hour delay for the system.

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