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North and North West Community Legal Service

The office will employ a lawyer and legal counsel. As a generalist legal service, this office allows us to work with other legal service providers in the region whose clients` needs are outside their area of work and our area of work. Anyone living in North and North West New South Wales can access our service for free and confidential legal advice and assistance. NWLS continues to serve our community during this pandemic. Legal service providers often face the challenge of providing complex and evolving legal advice to a variety of people. Click here to see the full list of our criminal records services, including: Benefit Determination, Employment and Cancellations Contact our office if you are unsure of your rights and obligations or what to do next. Our research shows that free estate planning assistance is a significant gap in the Moree area that our service can fill. Our number 1 support within our service is the preparation of wills, powers of attorney (POA) and permanent guardianship (EC) documents. Our community rights education project, most often attributed to community groups and organizations, is similar to wills, powers of attorney and GE. We look forward to facilitating the promotion and provision of this type of support and education in Moree.

The North & North West Community Legal Service is currently working to open a second office in Moree NSW. Moree is located northwest of our catchment area with 7383 inhabitants. Our goal is for this office to be operational from the beginning of January 2020. One of our lawyers is available to speak with community groups and organizations, high schools and colleges about our services, but also about any particular area of law that interests them. If you are not a current customer, you can request the service by calling 1-800-665-6957 Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or apply online. Moree`s office will be able to provide general support to the community, including: family law issues (excluding property regulation and child support), power of attorney and permanent guardianship, wills (excluding real estate), consumer complaints, credit and debt issues, discrimination, employment and labour problems, criminal law, traffic offences, victim support, neighbourhood disputes, arrest orders for violence, minor-related problems and support for domestic and family violence.

The North West Community Legal Centre Inc. provides, within the limits of its available resources, a free, accessible, primarily generalist legal service that promotes self-help, legal reform, legal education and participation. Create a fairer and more just society through free and confidential legal advice and support. Through the Moree office, we look forward to participating in inter-agency meetings in the western regions of our catchment area, including participation in CLSD meetings in Moree. We look forward to strengthening customer journeys between us and other service providers and working to eliminate escalating issues to ensure positive and timely outcomes for customers. Our goal is to help anyone who is having difficulty accessing the legal system or does not know how to access it. Click here to see the full list of employment-related topics we help our clients with. We are an accredited member of the National Association of Community Legal Centres. Article provided by Terri King and Sandy Watt, North & North West Community Legal Service Are you behind on your water bill? DHS`s new water assistance program can help! Domestic water help for low-income people. Our latest Family and Family Violence project in Armidale – “Family Violence Affects Everyone, Including the Smallest” – was presented to early childhood educators.

The success has been so great that we would like to take this project to other locations in our catchment area to educate participants on the following: If you are a current customer, you can reach our staff through the usual channels by leaving messages on our desk phones or by email. Our staff is fully dedicated and able to meet your needs. Our lawyers provide the following resources that focus on the new rules and laws regarding COVID-19. Employee of North & North West Community Legal Service based in Armidale. From left to right: Nick Forrest (lawyer), Natasha Carey (articling student), Terri King (senior counsel), Donna Gilbert (legal support officer), Niel van der Linde (lawyer), Bailie Rolff (administrative assistant), Sandy Watt (coordinator), Stanley Tao (lawyer). Click here to see how we can help you with utilities, LIHEAP and weatherization. We are a free one-time advice and referral center. We do not provide ongoing legal representation or processing unless approved for processing in exceptional circumstances.

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