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New York, USA Scott Greenfield provides legal advice in various criminal defense cases. Learned over the years and from experience in the trenches, Scott proved before jurors and appellate judges that cases can be fought and won. Also in the blogs of the criminal defense 19.6K to 2 messages / day contact by e-mail stand out from the thousands of lawyers looking for a job. Learn best practices and tips for using your online presence to attract legal recruiters. Malibu, California, United States Professor of Law Blogs, LLC is a network of legal blogs edited primarily by law professors, deans, and lawyers. Follow us to stay up to date with articles on international law 7.5K to 1 post/week Receive contact by email What makes it unique: Their powerful range of star contributors ensures reports are done from a variety of angles across a range of legal disciplines, from business and marketing to software. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA Law 4 Small Business (L4SB) is a law firm specifically founded to help small and medium-sized businesses deal with common legal problems without spending a fortune. 2K â 229 â 5 posts / month â Jan 2011 Get email contact It`s a challenge to stay up to date on the evolution of technical legal news, but these legal blogs can help. Any lawyer who wants to protect their career from ethical violations should follow a blog about legal ethics. After all, an accidental mistake could cost you your career. While many law firm blogs focus solely on their own legal ads and specialties, others offer an impressive collection of legal content. In these leading lawyer blogs, you can discover expert opinions, legal research papers, and even new trends.

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA A forum for news, information and opportunities in Asia-Pacific legal markets. Topics include Asia Legal News, arbitration in Asia, featured lawyers, legal entrepreneurs, legal recruitment, legal technology and social media for lawyers. 2.9Kâ 19.6K â 1 Post / Week â Jul 2020 Request Email Contact Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States PaperStreet is an award-winning web marketing company focused on building websites for the legal industry. We have worked on over 850 internet tagging campaigns and legal websites. Our team of writers, designers, and developers share the latest trends, best practices, and advice on internet marketing from law firms. 822 â 1.2K â 237 â 2 Articles / Week â Jan 2001 Get an Email Contact Osaka, Japan Covers blog posts on family law, debt collection, immigration, intellectual property and more. Ohara & Furukawa provides its clients with high-quality legal services in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We have extensive experience in dealing with a variety of Japanese international and domestic legal issues. 1 article / month Receive contact by email The Uptime Practice blog offers many tips, tricks and the latest trends in law practice management. It`s a great resource for law firms just starting out and for more established law firms. If you`re in the legal industry, you`re familiar with the ABA Journal. Any lawyer worth visiting (and even contributing) to the more than 4,000 legal blogs written by experts in India Founded in 2005 by Professor Shamnad Basheer, an academic and intellectual property consultant.

SpicyIP is one of India`s leading blogs/repositories on intellectual property (IP) and innovation law/policy. Through its independent reporting/analysis, SpicyIP is committed to promoting transparency within the Indian IP ecosystem. 3.2K to 5.7K to 1 Post / Day to Oct 2005 Receive Email Contact ABA Journal is the website of the American Bar Association`s flagship magazine. They are known for the latest legal news that is updated by their staff of journalists every working day. Analysis of more than 4,000 legal blogs written by lawyers who are experts in their field. Stories that go beyond the headlines, taken from the pages of the most widely read and respected legal affairs magazine. Small business law is remarkably well represented in the blogosphere, and Law 4 Small Business is one of the best outlets of its kind. If you`re dealing with small businesses, this blog is a must, offering real-world reports and legal advice on the latest small business cases. Attorney at Work aims to give readers the information and inspiration they need to build a law firm and a life they love. Their contributors include hundreds of industry experts who write about workplace wellness, business management, marketing, technology, and more. Why it`s great: The careerist breaks the legal industry`s job market — which admittedly isn`t the best — covering hiring trends and offering career advice.

Law360`s corporate blog contains the latest legal news and analysis on topics affecting business consultants and the companies they work for. Common topics include regulation, enforcement, litigation, legislation and governance. You can subscribe to their newsletter to receive the latest messages straight to your inbox. What makes it unique: The mastermind behind the legal blog Lawsites, Robert Ambrogi, is a lawyer, journalist and media consultant. He is well known and highly regarded in the legal industry. His esteemed career and experience shape his coverage of everything that impacts the legaltech world. JDJournal provides legal news for all lawyers. Articles range from tracing the career movements of top lawyers to summaries of the best energy law firms to work for. What makes it unique: FindLaw debunks the myth that high-quality online legal information is confusing, expensive, and hard to find. FindLaw provides information to lawyers and their clients; Lawyers can exercise their client-centered muscles while reading curated readings from the client`s perspective.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA Security, Privacy And The Law provides legal perspectives on the expanding world of information security and privacy issues. Foley Hoag is a law firm that represents public and private clients in a variety of litigation and transactions worldwide. SecurityPrivacy and. 742â 3.7K â 1 post / month â Oct 2008 Receive an email Contact New York City, New York, United States A look behind the scenes of the legal world. The website offers news and insights into the profession`s most colorful personalities and powerful institutions, as well as original commentary on current legal developments. Above the Law is published by Breaking Media. 67.2Kâ 186.4K â 30 posts / week Receive an email Contact us Antitrust Alert is a global resource for Compliance Officers & Legal Advisors that provides updates on international compliance law. The firm helps lead today`s most respected, dynamic and important organizations with a range of lawyers with extensive experience in a variety of antitrust matters. 1.3K to 11.2K to 1 Post / Month to June 2009 Receive Email Contact Girona, Catalonia, Spain Capellas Law is a renowned law firm in Spain specializing in tax bookings, personal and commercial disputes and other legal requirements.

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