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Boston Legal Do Tell

Whitney Rome invades Crane Poole and Schmidt tells Carl to give her a case. He entrusts him with a guard to Miguel Obisbo, who fights with his wife because of their son`s interest in bullfighting. An old friend of Denny`s and a four-star army general want to sue the military for its policy of not asking after being fired for coming out as a homosexual. Alan`s persistent problems with Lorraine manifest as a bout of word salad. In addition to discovering that his old friend is gay, Denny suffered an even greater shock when he found Shirley kissing Carl Sack. Denny is particularly desperate and Alan continues to express his own frustration with Lorraine`s continued presence. (At one point, while comforting Denny, Alan temporarily returns to the salad of words at the sight of Lorraine and says “Humperdink.” Denny replies, “I don`t know if she`ll let me do it. Shirley tries to make It clear to Denny that she loves Carl, but Denny`s attempt to put her in the middle of the conversation doesn`t do much to calm things down between them. On the balcony, Alan tells Denny that at the age of 14, he mowed the lawn of his attractive neighbor – an act that eventually resulted in Alan`s loss of virginity.

But something about Lorriane seems to influence Alan as much as “Mrs. Robinson`s” older neighbor. The episode ends with Denny asking Alan to tell him again. And I agree – I wish William Shatner had won the Emmy this year alongside James Spader. You can just say in some episodes that the dynamic between the characters is just great! The percentage of approved Tomatometer reviews that gave this film a positive rating of William Shatner deserves a Supporting Actress Emmy each year for the brilliant self-satire it continues to show episode after episode. Number: Season 4, Episode 4 Air Date: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 at 22:00 Duration: 60 minutes Clarence can, as far as I`m concerned, stay lost, one of the most boring subplots of the series. Shirley is forced to help an old friend of Denny`s, who is released from the army because he has publicly turned out to be gay, but encounters resistance from the judge for challenging America during the war. Meanwhile, Alan`s “salad of words” comes back every time Lorraine is there, and new colleague Whitney Rome is thrown into a case involving a bullfighting child whose mother wants sole custody. Hey, I love Clarence. I don`t like to see him all the time, and my love for Clairvon diminishes in some places, but I love his camaraderie with Jerry and his relationship with Alan. Disorders, to be discovered now exclusively on CANAL+ Author: Phoef Sutton David E. Kelley Lawrence Broch Director: Steve Robin However, this was not the only major case to enter the room, as Frtiz, an honored and excellent war veteran and good friend of Denny, also appeared – and announced that he was gay.

In anticipation of a dishonorable dismissal, and perhaps the worst of all, Frtiz wants to pursue the army preemptively. Shirley, with a reluctant Denny in tow, takes over the case (Alan is of no help, his “salad of words” mixes his vocabulary with every sight of Lorraine), but the defense is still hampered by Judge Clark Brown – a man who has already tried to “cure” his homosexuality! Although Shirley could convince Brown to hear the case, he remained skeptical and downright bellicose about all attempts to challenge military policy. In her closing speech, he interrupts halfway when she points out that other NATO partners allow homosexuals into their armed forces, claiming that the “Don`t ask/don`t say” challenge is simply not practical. However, Shirley is quick to turn the situation around by saying that it is not practical to release tens of thousands of soldiers at a time when troop shortages are reaching crisis points. Judge Brown then ruled in his favor and forbade the army to take action against Fritz. The episode begins with Whitney Rome (Taraji P. Henson) – apparently one of Carl Sack`s ex-flames – engaging with Crane, Pool and Schmidt. At first, Sack is remarkably reserved — until Whitney reveals she can understand Spanish, which is essential for dealing with the extremely emotional client of the final episode — once accused of cockfighting — and now faces an even bigger guard battle for her ten-year-old son — a bullfighter. Sack appoints Katie Lloyd as co-chair – something Whitney is anything but happy with. But Katie has other issues in mind, especially Jerry`s dismissive attitude after agreeing to dinner “just as a colleague.” Katie confronts Jerry and makes him confess her intention to ask for a date, but confirms that she wants to remain friends – best friend, to be exact.

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