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Best Rogues in Rogue Company Reddit

I`m quite new and I want to understand who is the best you can buy, you can`t convince me it`s not Mack. He has armor straight out of the door that essentially acts as a drain of life, which most of the characters are not able to afford for a while in the match for a while, FREE, and he also gives that to Dahlia when she connects with him, which can be super depressing in the first few laps. And don`t forget that he came back with supplies, which is absolutely bad if you`re good with Nades, as well as being able to use the objection or one of the LGMs that are arguably the best weapons in the game. The only thing that`s not so great about him is his Ult, but even that has its purpose if you get used to playing him, and that doesn`t take away from everything he has for him, I say a draw between Kestrel and Runway with Dallas right behind. Not much, all the bad guys are pretty awesome. I understand that a lot of people think Lancer is overwhelming, but if you`re realistic, it`s just that a lot of good players use an average character because it`s easy to learn and extremely fun. It doesn`t have much duel power (Lifedrain doesn`t provide the average 1v1 healing that adrenaline shots provide, and it doesn`t provide the quick recovery for survival that rebound and adrenaline shots provide, as it actually promotes bad habits for their passive habits and this only really changes the game for both LMG and the referee), its main strengths lie in its ability to push targets or offer more options to sneak on players than the player expects (silent zip lines, silent coats, etc.), which causes players to think differently. Why I say that Runway and Kestrel are the best villains in the game depends on their viability on virtually every card. For Kestrel, she has access to two weapon classes (AR, SMG) that currently host 3 out of 4 meta-games (these weapons are KA30, Sahara and Objection), she has one of the best utility gadgets in the game that can provide the effects of Bounce Back, Life Drain, Chaac`s Over-Healing (in a way, depending on how it is used and the efficiency with which it is used), as well as a speed boost, to challenge goals or to challenge yourself to have a better chance of escaping danger that would not be wise.

Its Halo drones are perfect for quickly removing or eliminating stuck enemies without putting themselves in great danger, their jumping grenades are arguably tied to the incendiary grenade for the best mortal in the game (not much, but the point still holds), and its passive element allows it to dominate enemies earlier than usual in a game. For Runway, it allows spam or recovery of deadly gadgets after the destruction of utilities by Gl1tch, it can play as a sniper with its sniper class and nimble Hands, support with tracking balls and Helping Hand, and defenders with trimines and the ability to reconstitute them. It itself has a decent preventive survival ability in the form of stubbornness and can aggressively play with semtexes and AR class. To further support my claims, even if you play leaderboards or watch tournaments, you`ll see that these two characters have some of the highest selection rates as they are the typical go-tos for almost any game mode. As I said earlier, Dallas is also up there, but what makes it fall a little is how weak it can be on some cards like Icarus, where it`s much harder to rely on a detective style of play, which usually benefits his team the most. Apart from that, it is high on the ladder for the same reasons as Kestrel (adrenaline rushes, extremely depressing and passive gadgets that can promote success during a spin/game). Kestrel, although Runway, Dahlia and Anvil are also prominent thugs in competitive and laid-back environments. I can`t really find a list of levels for this season, so I was wondering what those 5 best subreddit villains would be this season? What is each opinion about the best weapon and also the best villain depends on your style of play, but in my honest opinion, Kestrel is one of the best villains in the game. He has access to RAs and GMGs (Sahara and opposition are pretty much the meta rn).

Their benefits are among the best in the game like replenishment, beserk, padded steps, and their gadget refill with each elimination, paired with their stems and jump needles, so you don`t have to die to replenish them. Her ability also recently got a buff (I don`t know if it was necessary, but she got it anyway) atm sigrid is literally just the best villain in the game.

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