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Goliath was an original Prime Video series starring Billu Bob Thornton. The series ran for four seasons before being canceled in 2021, telling the story of a down-to-earth lawyer in search of redemption. The show was important in that it showed how corruption was endemic in the legal system that favored the rich. The late Chadwick Boseman was the baron of the 2010s biopic that played Jackie Robinson, 42, James Brown (Get on Up) and Thurgood Marshall in just four years. He brings a different physicality to each role and turns Marshall into a flash of performance. The film traces a case dating back to the early career of the future Supreme Court justice, when he was an NAACP attorney defending a black driver (Sterling K. Brown) who was falsely accused of rape by his white employer (Kate Hudson). It`s one of those adult dramas that we now think is “old-fashioned,” but it`s not a blow: despite some simplistic characterizations, Marshall is a compelling legal saga backed by Boseman`s star-worthy turn. Although it has been short-lived compared to other legal dramas, as many of them tend to have hundreds of episodes, Damages is one of the most compelling lawyer series of all time.

I have never really understood why television production companies have such a fascination with the law. For many of us who work in the legal profession, “work” involves hours of reading, waiting (there is a lot of waiting) and the boredom of drawing. The “drama” is mainly juggling this work-life balance, finding a parking space near the court (in the days leading up to COVID) and whether you get paid or not. So, Your Honour, let us call to the witness stand the best British legal and judicial television programmes of all time! Criminal Minds remains one of the most exciting and horrific trials on television. After the end of season 15 and a revival at Paramount+, the series certainly had no shortage of serial killers capable of profiling and capturing members of the behavioral analysis unit aka BAU. But even though the stories of the serial killers didn`t quite land, it`s the team that never failed to be engaged. With various members joining and leaving the ranks over the years, history has never failed to show the darkness that BAU agents have had to face, or the toll it has taken to try to understand the minds of the worst criminals. In addition, the team that finished the series was the best so far, which makes the premature end of the series even more disappointing. This team – along with JJ (A.J. Cook), Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster), Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), Tara Lewis (Aisha Tyler), Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez), Matt Simmons (Daniel Henney) and Rossi (Joe Mantegna) felt more cohesive and worked better together at a balanced level than the team from previous seasons, which was always very heavy for Hotch and Rossi at every opportunity. Immersion in crime in this way brought something unique to the layout of the process that cemented that Criminal Minds will always be special.

— Jay Snow The TV show where we first met Meghan Markle. I will not comment further. But we also met Harvey Spectre. The quintessence of freshness – he made all lawyers cool. Soft suits, good teeth and damn beautiful. The bromance between him and law enforcement Mike Ross worked. There was less real legal drama than many programs, focused more on company ownership, and kept Mike`s secret; But it worked. I wonder where the cast is now. The Good Wife is almost more reality-based than any other legal show if it weren`t for American Crime Story, which is based on actual court cases. Since the series is about the wife of a prosecutor who returns to effect when her husband is involved in a sex scandal, The Good Wife is massively influenced by real events like the Bill Clinton scandal. It is said that sequels are never as good as the original.

However, this raises the bar with its legal political drama (the original is The Good Wife), which took place in real time in the United States during the presidency of Donald J. Trump. Many episodes call into question his presidency and question the rule of law. The show is first class and gives you, the spectator, a real insight into the interaction between politics and law. Something, perhaps until recently, something we knew less about in the UK. What`s special about this legal show is that it often shows what`s going on in court from the prosecutor`s perspective, with its main characters focusing on proving that the accused is guilty, not innocent.

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