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ArcheAge`s crafting system is extensive and allows, among other things, the production of equipment, food, vehicles and furniture for players` homes. Crafting grants players “performance levels” that unlock new crafting options. On April 28, 2015, Trion released a full content patch (1.7) titled The Dread Prophecies. The new content patch includes new areas, ship customizations, and modifications for more realistic naval combat. [6] From September 12-13, Trion released the next content update patch (2.0) called Heroes Awaken. The new content includes a new hero system in which players choose themselves once a month to represent their faction. In parallel with the content update, several servers were merged. [7] ArcheAge has a pet system where pets are purchased as babies and trained to become mounts or combat companions. [10] Pets/mounts ride with distance traveled or combat experience. They can be killed in battle, resurrected, and suffer a resurrection disease that can be healed in a stable. Pets/mounts have equipment slots like player characters. [11] The housing system allows players to construct buildings in designated and non-instantiated areas around the world using a free placement method. These buildings allow players to decorate their indoor and outdoor spaces with cosmetic and functional furniture.

Housing options range from small one-story cottages to large three-story villas, the size of which directly affects the space needed to place their foundations. Players must pay taxes on the land on which they place their homes, otherwise they run the risk of being destroyed and losing all or part of the property they contain. Most of the houses have a small area around them that serves as a place for agriculture. ArcheAge`s skill system is very flexible, as you can select three basic skill types from a selection of eleven skill types and thus create your own “class”, which is then upgraded based on the upgrade. These classes can be changed at any time with a specific NPC, but it costs in-game currency and can be expensive. Hello, new archery player. I`m just wondering if there was a database similar to for the restart server or if there was a way to filter out items that aren`t available? I liked leveling up a Hellweaver and wondering if there is a good hybrid weapon since the Obsidian Katana is not in the game, thank you! The pre-registration system allows players to submit quests that are not yet fully completed in exchange for reduced experience rewards. The opposite effect is outperformance by achieving additional quest goals, resulting in a bonus experience. Hidden quests are also available, which can be unlocked by obtaining special achievements. ArcheAge: Unchained was announced in August 2019 and released on Steam and Glyph on October 15, 2019. It has the same content and updates as ArcheAge, but offers a new monetization model where players buy one of three packages for a prepayment, so there is no subscription and everyone is effectively a patron in Unchained.

However, this has recently changed and now Archeage Unchained has its own subscription model. The market no longer offers gameplay advantages, but is purely cosmetic. Archepass has been added, similar to a Battlepass offered for different games. With a level system, there are two paths, just like other Battlepass systems. One is the basic free path that houses all the items that can previously be considered paid. The other is a premium path that houses cosmetic items. This is a separate game, so there are no secondary characters and Objects from ArcheAge, it`s a new beginning. [19] ArcheAge includes a judicial system with player-led courts.

Players can choose to respond to jury subpoenas and convict players who have committed crimes such as theft or murder. There are minimum and maximum sentences, which are determined by a vote in the jury. The system is a basic game mechanic and was not designed to combat players` intentional “grief.” Criminal players are imprisoned and can pay off their debts by working in prison or trying to escape by digging their way. Players can escape from prison, but they cannot use their skills for the duration of their sentence. The development team said it could introduce a corruption system that would allow the accused player to bribe jurors. [12] Trade routes are a very effective way to make money or by choosing “Gilda Stars” to unlock construction or castle plans. A player collects or cultivates certain materials to create resources on a targeted terminal and leads them or leads them to a corresponding trading post trader. After creating the resource (example: growing strawberries to make strawberry jam), this resource is then placed in a pack on a player and the player cannot run at full speed. This makes the use of the public transport system (automated and airship bus wagons) essential for the rapid transport of these goods. The farther the trading post is from the crafting terminal, the higher the reward a player receives. However, if the player is in neutral soil, other players are free to kill him and take the player`s pack.

A player can put the pack on the ground whenever he wants to fight and take it back. Using a mount when carrying a backpack also slows it down (the fastest mount with a bag is a donkey), but bags can be stored in player-made vehicles (farm carts, ships). ArcheAge offers an arealess world with first or third person views. As with housing construction, farms must pay a tax to maintain ownership of the land on which they are placed. Taxes increase exponentially with each additional property that is owned. If these taxes are not paid, the scarecrow is made vulnerable to attack, allowing players to destroy it and claim the plot for themselves. After completing a quest at the beginning of a character`s development, the ability to place a garden is achieved through the use of a scarecrow drawing. As the character progresses, a larger farm design becomes available. With these designs, players will be able to claim plots of land, usually in designated areas where they can breed a variety of plants and animals.

Only the owner of a farm, or those who have received permission from the owner, are allowed to access the farm and manage its contents. Players can also choose to plant their crops/trees/livestock in the open world, but run the risk of other players stealing the content, for which the transgressor player can earn penalty points and eventually face a lawsuit. There are many options for traveling to ArcheAge, including walking, climbing (ladders, vines, trees), swimming, personal mounts and personal boats (from rowing boats to catamarans to galleons), as well as personal gliders or car-like machines such as tractors to transport larger amounts of goods. There are also predetermined routes of airships, taxi-type vehicles and gates. [13] [14] The journey is completely in 3 dimensions in ArcheAge; Thus, swimming and diving are possible. Diving can be improved with diving equipment.

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