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Apa Gentlemen Agreement

When it comes to referencing sources in academic writing, the APA (American Psychological Association) style is one of the most widely used and recognized formats. One aspect of APA referencing that may not be as well-known is the concept of a “gentlemen`s agreement.”

In APA referencing, a gentlemen`s agreement refers to a practice where authors cite the original source of information, even if they obtained it from a secondary source. For example, if you came across a quote in a book that was originally published in a journal article, and you wanted to use that quote in your own paper, you would be expected to cite the journal article as the source of the quote, rather than the book.

The idea behind this agreement is to ensure accuracy and fairness in academic writing. By citing the original source, you are acknowledging the author who first conducted the research or presented the information. This not only gives credit where credit is due, but also ensures that readers can track down the original source if they want to learn more.

The gentlemen`s agreement is not a hard and fast rule in APA referencing, but rather a suggested best practice. However, it is generally considered good form to follow this practice whenever possible. If you are unable to access the original source of information, you can still cite the secondary source, but you should make it clear in your writing that the information came from a secondary source.

In addition to promoting accuracy and fairness, following the gentlemen`s agreement can also help improve the visibility of your own work. By citing the original sources of information, you are contributing to the overall network of academic research and increasing the visibility of those sources. This can help other researchers discover your own work, as well as the work of the authors you are citing.

Overall, the gentlemen`s agreement is a small but important aspect of APA referencing. By following this practice whenever possible, you can help ensure accuracy and fairness in your writing, as well as contribute to the overall network of academic research.

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